How It Works

Only 3 Easy Steps

Quick 3 Steps To Follow

1 Get a free car valuation for scrapping your old car.

We offer competitive prices that you'll be happy with. Our car valuation is accurate and isn't as complex as you'd think. Just enter your vehicle details and will send you the best price for scrapping your vehicle.

2 Arrange payment & collection of your old scrap car.

If you wish to go ahead with your quote then one of our local collection partners will come along to pick up your scrap car at a time and date agreed with you. If you’ve got the DVLA paperwork (the V5 [log book] or SORN) for your scrap car, this is the time to hand that over to our representative. We’ll make sure that all the legal stuff is dealt and we’ll also send you the certificate of destruction to avoid you getting an £80.00 fine!  . Once everything is in order, we will instantaneously arrange payment and collect your car.

3 Your car is recycled

If your car’s still in a roadworthy condition, we’ll try and find a buyer for it. If the car’s unsuitable to be reused, we’ll remove any car parts that we can reuse and sell those on. We’ll then recycle the rest of the car in an authorised treatment facility so we can get money for the scrap metal. And remember, because Scrap Car Network contributes funding towards Recycling Lives –  social welfare charity  – scrapping your car is not just good for the environment, it also helps us to support  disadvantaged and homeless people